Client's Charter

  • To arrange for appointments/meetings/ official visits of the Rt. Hon. Premier of Sarawak;
  • To prepare drafts of speeches or talking points  for YAB the Rt. Hon Premier of Sarawak for every official function that he has been invited to attend;
  • To record, transcribe, translate/ edit every official speech of the Rt. Hon.Premier of Sarawak for compilation into books or reference materials for relevant government agencies/ departments/ Glcs/ Media;
  • Organise press coverage by print and electronic media for every official function to be attended by the Rt. Hon. Premier of Sarawak;
  • Arrange for Interviews of local, national and international print and electronic media with the Premier of Sarawak;
  • Attend State, national and international meetings for meetings, conferences and major events to be held in the  State;
  • To provide courteous and efficient services to any clients dealings with the office of the Premier of Sarawak; all replies to any enquiries must be done promptly;  Generally endeavour to give prompt and efficient services to the people, who seek the services of the Office.
  • Carry out other duties/ functions as and when directed by the Rt. Hon. Premier of Sarawak.