Abang Johari (right) receives a souvenir from Yakup.

SIBU (July 15): The state government will ask Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to examine the carbon trading law as a commodity trade since Sarawak produces the resources needed by

He said the prime minister had stated Sarawak as moving forward and wanted the people to have the latest vision and knowledge to increase the value of these resources.

“Carbon trading needs to be updated, since the law in Putrajaya is not yet in order and in the absence of a trading protocol, it will affect our carbon production and business.

“I ask the prime minister to take into account the law related to carbon trading, because the commodity is traded under international law,” he said when speaking at the Bintulu Development Authority’s (BDA) 45th anniversary celebration in Bintulu on Friday night.

Abang Johari said if action is slow, they may bring this matter directly to London to apply for international protocol but will inform the federal government before making its decision.

Meanwhile, he said they need to improve port infrastructure by equipping the cargo onboard with new technology so the ship can be turned around faster.

“Some ships have also changed their fuel to hydrogen, thus requiring a hydrogen-filling facility to be established in Bintulu as an initial preparation that will benefit Sarawak and Bintulu,” he said.

On the BDA’s 45 years of achievements, Abang Johari said he and other members of the BDA Board of Directors had decided to give out the bonus as a way of expressing their gratitude to all BDA staff.

“In recognition of your services, all staff will receive one-and-a-half month’s bonus for your contribution and commitment in carrying out your duties and responsibilities,” said the BDA chairman.

Abang Johari said with BDA’s income increasing, the awarding of bonuses can be continued thus enabling Sarawak to develop and prosper in the future.

He said it has become common for a large organisation like BDA to face and meet challenges and work for the benefits of the people of Bintulu.

He added that BDA has planned 31 events throughout the year to mark its 45th anniversary, which not only focuses on its employees but the entire community of Bintulu.

“On behalf of the Sarawak government and board of directors, I would like to thank all BDA staff who have served with distinction whether they are still serving or retired,” he said.

Among those present was BDA general manager Datu Muhammad Yakup Kari.